Dear Members or Redeemer Lutheran Church,

The following is a synopsis of what you can expect in the coming weeks:


We are called to gather in the Word and receive His Sacraments in worship.  We trust that God will watch over us, and we pray for wisdom as we slowly relax the restrictions.  Worship will be available at 8:15 am and 1 pm, in order to reach as many people through our online streaming and radio services.

  • Sunday Schedule:
  • 8:15 am : Service - In Person and streamed on YouTube
  • 9:45 am : Zoom Bible Study
  • 11:00 pm : Service – In Person Blended Service


  • 6ft of Social Distance: Please continue to follow social distancing rules.  Every other pew has been blocked off, and members are encouraged to sit with only their household members.
  • Access: All of the Doors will be propped open, including the fire doors to the sanctuary in order to provide multiple entry points and attempt to prevent bottlenecks.  Members are encouraged to progress to their pews and not linger in the entryways or doorways.
  • At Risk Members: Please note that Oklahoma’s COVID restrictions still encourage members over 65 and members that have at risk health conditions (ie cardio and pulmonary diseases) are still encouraged to stay home and watch online or join through the radio service.
  • Bulletins: The CDC is encouraging places of worship from limiting the amount of shared materials, such as bulletins and hymnals.  As such, we encourage members to print their own copies and bring them from home.  We will also be posting all of the words on the screens.
  • Communion will be available in the services and by drive through after the second service.  Pastor will continue to be the only one preparing and distributing, wearing masks and gloves to provide as much safety as possible.  For the next few weeks, members will be remaining in their pews, and Pastor will bring the elements out to the people and distribute to each family by placing the bread and wine on a disposable plate.  We will eventually return to the rail and using the common cup when we believe it will be safe and appropriate.
  • Drive in Communion will be available through the lower doors after the second service until all restrictions are relaxed.
  • Hymnals: The hymnals and bibles will be removed from the racks in accordance with the CDC recommendations for reducing the amount of shared materials. Members are encouraged to bring their own hymnals and bibles from home.
  • Masks: Members are strongly suggested to wear masks as an effort to reduce any spread of illnesses.  Masks will be available at the door for members who do not have one.
  • Offering: We will not be passing the plates, as a step to reduce the amount of material passed from person to person. The plates will be available just inside the doors of the sanctuary as you come in.  You may bring your offering to church or you may continue to contribute online at


We will continue streaming the services, and we will be upgrading our ability to do so.

  • Long Term: While we will always encourage in-person services, the Elders and the Council have decided that streaming the services is a benefit to our worship ministry.  Even after the COVID restrictions are lifted, the YouTube streaming page will be available.  Please subscribe to receive notices of new services.
  • Upgrading: Because streaming will be a long term activity, the Council has approved the use of the Evangelism and Computer budget to upgrade into a permanent streaming set up, which will include the ability to patch in the PowerPoint services, use the church soundboard to manage to sound, and provide for a more stable upload to our YouTube stream.
  • Privacy: As we resume in person services, there has been a rise in concern about privacy during worship with the continuance of streaming.  We have no intentions of videoing the members of the congregation, and only the Pastor and readers should be present in the worship stream.
  • Communion: We will be using a modified service that it reminiscent of the ancient church.  We will have a blessing and hymn after the prayers that will signal the end of the service for the radio and streamed services.  The feed will be cut off after that hymn before communion.  This is to address privacy of those communing, and to address the reality that some of the people watching may not have been taught what the bible teaches about the Sacrament of the Altar.


Even though we know it is important to continue lifetime Christian education, due to limitations set forth by the state and local governments we will have to make concessions in the foreseeable future.

  • Zoom and In-Person: In order to maintain proper social distancing, we will only offer the 9:30 AM Education Hour class on Zoom.
  • No coffee or cookies: The church Fellowship Hall will remain closed off and there will not be cookies or coffee.
  • Sunday School Videos: Elementary age Children’s Sunday School will continue to have videos with Michael and Dalton available on the church’s Facebook page.
  • Weekly Bible Studies: The various small groups are beginning renegotiate opening again.  We ask leaders and participants to respect social distancing expectations.  The Monday night Women’s Bible Study will continue to meet via Zoom.

Family and Children’s Ministry 

  • Per state guidelines there will be no church nursery available for the entirety of Sunday mornings. The church will also not be able to provide diapers, wipes, etc.
  • Children’s Worship Bags will not be available in the Narthex. Children’s bulletins are available, but parents are encouraged to bring your own crayons.
  • If your family cannot or is choosing not to attend on Sundays and you would like the children’s bulletin mailed to you, please email to request that.

 May God Bless You and Keep you!

Pastor Shupe