Sunday School

What We Have

Children and Adults alike are welcome and encouraged to join us for Sunday School every Sunday Morning from 9:30 to 10:30.  For Children we have classes ranging from Pre-Kindergarden all the way up through High School.  For those younger than Pre-K, we even have a nursury so that Moms and Dads can attend a Bible Study of their own.   

Where it is

The general rule is children 5th grade and younger are downstairs and everyone else is upstairs.  That said, a few specifics.

Downstairs in the Education Building:

  • 3  year olds with Mrs. Nancy Newby
  • Kindergarden - 2nd Grade class with DeAnna Kahre
  •  3rd - 5th Grade class, with Debbie Clark

Upstairs in the Educaiton Building:

  • Middle School & High School Class with DCE Michael Sinn & Jim Polley
  • Young Adult Small Group with Dr. Vernon Newby
  • Large Group Adult Class with Jerry Rau and John Kahre
  • Adult Confirmation with Pastor Shupe